Cassie Stracka.

High concept: Stygian Hag, worshipers of the Great Sister Heca-Amem-Ra, born of the shadow of the moon, Lady of power, who teaches that true strength comes from choosing to change your soul.

Other aspects: obsessive self-improvement, more demon than human, practiced surviver, knowledge is power.

Alertness: Good 3
Conviction: Great
Deceit Good+3
Discipline: Great+4
Fists: Good+3
Intimidation: Great+4
Lore: Great+4
Presence: Good+3
Stealth: Good+3
Default: Fair

Refinement (-2)
Claws (Venomous)
Human Guise
Inhuman Strength
Supernatural Toughness
The Catch: once they take consequences, the Toughness goes away. (Lose extra stress boxes with a mild consequence, lose entirely if Moderate or worse)

Evocation (Fire, Air, Spirit) Power (+1 Air, +1 Fire, +1 Spirit)
Thaumaturgy Complexity (Blood Magic +1), Control (Blood Magic +1, Summoning +1)

Rote Spells:
Lightning Surge: Weapon 5 single-target
Fire Blast: Weapon 3 area effect (1 zone)

Mental 1234
Social 1234
Physical 123(4567)
Armor: 2

Weapon 4 attack, can opt for POISONED aspact instead of stress, target must roll Endurance vs. an automatic Good attack every exchange until medical attention or taken out.


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