A five-five teenager with mousy-brown hair and dark brown eyes. She looks like most Seattle teenagers, slouching along with her backpack in jeans and a hoodie. Except this one has her hair piled up on top of her head, held in place with two silver hair


High Concept: Wizard In Search of Herself
Trouble: Maman Didn’t Raise No Warden

Other Aspects:
*Occult Books Were My TV
*Faith in the Right People Can Move Mountains
*Don’t Give In, Don’t Give Up
*Why Is Everyone Looking at Me?
*Grace Under Pressure (You Never Know Who’s Watching)

Physical (Endurance)
1 2 3 4
Mental (Conviction)
1 2 3 4
Social (Presence)
1 2

Superb (5) Conviction (1)
Great (
4) Scholarship, Lore (2)
Good (3) Endurance, Discipline (2)
Fair (
2) Resources, Guns, Rapport (3)
Average (+1) Craftsmanship, Empathy, Survival, Alertness, Athletics (5)

Stunts and Powers
*Evocation (-3)
*Rituals (Wards) (-2)
*The Sight (-1)
*Soulgaze (0)
*Wizard’s Constitution (0)
*Refinement (-1) (+1

Evocation Spheres:
*Water (1 to control – refinement)
*Fire (
1 Conviction)

(5) Lerot – column of fire
(4) Hakafium Perperim – spray of razor-sharp shards of ice
Mayim Magan – sphere of water which absorbs and reflects kinetic energy like a trampoline

Focus Items:
*Silver hair stick/wand: 1 offensive control for air
*Staff: +1 offensive control for fire
*Embroidered left-handed glove: +1 offensive control for water/
1 defensive control for water


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