Handmaiden of Isis, stuck in Bremerton on a mission from her goddess


Nefi’s mother met her father, an American military man and knew he was the right one. She’s not entirely sure if it was true love to an act of the goddess or both but the marriage was a happy one. Until she was 14, she studied with her mother about the goddess and their lineage. Usually, Handmaidens of Isis do not take on their burdens until they are well into their thirties, with rare exceptions in both directions. Her mother’s early passing was not unheard of but it was strange, leaving her without her guidance and without a mother at a young age. Growing up with her father in the navy was challenging but not entirely impossible. His time at sea would leave her with long periods of time where her only communion was with her goddess. This only increased once she graduated from high school, distancing her from him. She loves him very much but they’ve grown apart without the connection of her mother to keep them together.

Once, during a deep communion with her goddess, she was guided to Bremerton. Once she arrived in the town, she started herself a life, realizing that this city could well be a life’s work – even the extended life of a handmaiden. It could be a lot more than one life unless there are additional forces added to her efforts. She’s been working, mostly mundanely, to organize people in the town and to get them together to fight the efforts of whatever it is that is trying to suck the town down into nothingness and despair. Her goddess has told her to stay here in this town and very emphatically will not let her leave but, at the same time, her instructions on what to do here have been vague when they’ve been given at all. Mostly, she’s been working to keep the balance of the city, not letting anything get worse.



Bremerton: A Study in Grey Lithera