High-ranking member of the Church of the Living Christ


High Concept: Mission from God
Trouble: Extremist Allies
Other Aspects:

  • The Faith is Strong in This One
  • The Bracelet of Mary
  • Rotten in the State of Washington
  • Unwitting Accomplice
  • Send in the Cavalry

Superb (5): Conviction
Great (
4): Discipline, Weapons
Good (3): Fists, Alertness, Lore
Fair (
2): Presence, Might, Survival, Endurance, Investigation
Average (+1): Empathy, Scholarship, Resources, Athletics, Contacts

Physical 1 2 3
Mental 1 2 3 4
Social 1 2 3
Armor – Flak jacket +1
Stunts & Powers:
-1 Bless This House
-1 Guide My Hand
-1 Holy Touch
-3 Righteousness
-1 Devout Words (Conviction stunt to block in combat)

Adjusted Refresh: 4

FP from last session: 0

Languages read: English, Greek (Ancient)

Bracelet of Mary (-2):

  • Wooden beads on a leather cord.
  • All are Equal Before God (spend a fate point to ignore opponent’s offensive capabilities: superstrength, mind control, evocation, etc.). Even Claws are treated as +0 weapons.
  • With God, All Things Are Possible: A +1 bonus is applied to your effective Conviction for all True Faith abilities.
  • Holy (it’s very touch is like holy water).
  • Unbreakable
  • Discount Already Applies


Bezaliel – name carved in Greek characters on the chest of a dead biker found under the pile of seagulls on the beach.


Bremerton: A Study in Grey setauuta