Ernest Callaway

Red Court Psychic Detective


High Concept: Red Court Psychic Detective
Trouble: Even the Red Court won’t believe me
Other Aspects: I’m the kind of monster I used to fight, Everywhere and nowhere is home, Carries a grudge – to death

Alertness: Fair +2
Athletics: Fair
Burglary: Good +2
Deceit: Good
Discipline: Fair
Driving: Good
Fists: Good +3
Endurance: Fair
Intimidation: Fair
Investigation: Great +4
Stealth: Good +3

Addictive Saliva -1
Blood Drinker -1 (mental stress of a fists attack or manuever)
Cassandra’s Tears -0 (aspect on world, not believed_
Psychometry -1 (Investiagetion(Good or higher)) on an object
Claws -1 (weapons 2)
Echoes of the Beast -1 (beast senses, beast trappings, beast friend)
Flesh Mask -1
Feeding Dependency 1
Cloak of Shadows -1 (no darkness penalty, +2 to stealth)
Inhuman Strength -2 (
3 to list, 1 to grapple, extra modify, +2 damage)
Inhuman Speed -2 (
4 init, +1 athletics, 1 zone without penalty, stealth while moving with reduced penalty)
Inhuman Recovery -2 (consequences between scenes at 1 level lower, shrug it off)
Inhuman Toughness -2 (armor 1, 2 additional physical stress)
Catch +2 (sunglight, holy stuff, no armor on belly)
Mental 12
Social 12
Hunger 123
Physical 123(45) Armor: 1


Ernest Callaway

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