Avery Quinn


High Concept It’s Complicated
Trouble Missing Three and a half Years but Responsible For Them
Other Aspects

  • Unsupervised Rich Kid
  • Accidental Mother of a Dragon?!?
  • Learning from my Doppelganger’s Mistakes
  • Any Sufficiently Advanced Magic
  • Crazy Prepared

Skills 37

  • Legendary (+8)
  • Epic (+7)
  • Fantastic (+6)
  • Superb (+5) Lore, Resources
  • Great (+4) Alertness, Discipline
  • Good (+3) Conviction, Craftsman, Scholarship [Latin, Gallic, Japanese]
  • Fair (+2) Rapport, Contacts, Weaponry
  • Average (+1) Presence, Endurance, Empathy, Athletics

Stunts & Powers 11

  • -1 Stunt: Debt Ally
  • -1 The Sight
  • -0 Soul Gaze
  • -0 Wizard’s Constitution
  • -3 Thaumaturgy (+2 foci)
  • -4 Refinement (+1 foci, +5 items, +5 potions, +2 spec)
  • -1 A few seconds ahead
Specializations Craft Power +2, Frequency +1
Foci Workshop: Craft Power +3
Enchanted Item Soul Booster (Maneuver: Focused, Supercharged, Mana Touch)
Enchanted Item Aegis of Immortality (Both directions but not movement/worldwalking block, 8 shifts, 3 rounds)
Enchanted Item Shadowblade (World walking, 9 shifts of movement into and through never never) UBO
Enchanted Item Cloak of Invisibility 7 shifts, UBO, non interfereing
Enchanted Item Iron Sand Wand, 8 shifts, duration 3, single target all action block “absurdly magnetized iron dust”
Potion Three open slots starting at +10, 3 uses
Potion Absolute Barrier (Ward: Power 8, Keyed to Avery’s bloodline, 1 scene, requires a circle or active threshold)

Physical 1 2 3
Mental 1 2 3 4
Social 1 2 3

Mild -2
Moderate -4
Severe -6
Extreme -8

Spell Notes

  • Beautiful Fortified Full Moon: Wards for Home, coupled directly to the threshold, Complexity 15, Power 11, Duration month, Cast on the full moon. Incantation: Utsukushī Yōsai-ka sa reta Mangetsu
  • Hidden Passed Over Aqua Field: Veil for Lab, Complexity 15, Power 11, Duration month, Cast on the new moon. Incantation: Kakusareta O kaishite watasa Suiiki
  • Pulsating Momentary Berserker: Biomancy super charge, Complexity 9, Power 8, Duration 30 minutes, Grants: Berserker Strength, Surging Speed. Incantation: Hakudō Shunkan-tekina Bāsākā
  • Dawning Leading Fisherman: Basic Tracking Spell, Complexity 5, Power 5, Duration Scene, often gets overcharged to punch overwhelm wards. Incantation: Yoake Shuyōna Ryōshi
  • Cary-over**
    Fate 5
    Ritual empowerment
    11 tags between Avery and Theo, +6 duration (Week)
    (Power in the Bloodx7; Cleansedx2; Protectedx2)

Avery was born on November 10th, 1992, the first son and second child of Riley and Aubrey Quinn. He has two sisters, Mallory and Peyton, born February 28th, 1991 and May 25th, 1994 respectively. Aubrey and the three teens live at 710 Park Drive, having relocated from New York City in late 2003, taking over the house from Riley’s parents when they left the state for warmer climes. All three siblings attended Bremerton High School, where Peyton remains to this day. Both Mallory and Avery currently attend courses at Olympic College. Riley hasn’t been seen for the past six years.

Journal excerpts:
For as long as I can remember it’s been me, Mallery and Peyton. Mom’s been here to but she doesn’t care about me, or, I suppose, much of anything else. Before we came to Bremerton, dad was away on business a lot, but he listened, it seemed like he cared, when he was around. After the move he was gone more, and mom didn’t really care, and after asking a few times, I guess I stopped caring either. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve seen him in six years, it didn’t seem strange, he was away on business, occasionally he would call but I can’t really remember when the last time was. Anyways, a few years back, maybe in ‘05? I noticed that dad’s study was open, I’m pretty sure it had been locked before that, and to this day, I don’t know who opened it, but I digress, in the study there were books, some in English, some in Latin and some in other languages. I took to spending late nights in that study, reading about weird things like did you know, Avery means “Elf Council” and there actually are Elves? A while later, after learning Latin I tried out some of the actual recipes, ingredients weren’t a problem, they weren’t cheap but moneys never really been a problem, dad set up an account for each of us before we moved here, and really, the balance just keeps going up.

Back to the recipes… some of them worked, and after that, things started getting strange. I never told mom, why would she care? I didn’t really think about telling Peyton or Mallory, at this point I thought of it as my study. But I’d shown Billy, one of my classmates, a few of the books, and he’d seen some of the recipes work. I guess I should have asked the Council, but despite a few of the books going over their Laws, it wasn’t like there was a phone number, but Billy new someone else with the weird, someone willing to talk to a self taught Wizard like me, willing to help. Mr Aberskinity told me a lot of things, but the ones that stick with me go like this “Avery my boy, you need to be careful, you’ve read the Harry Potter books, you remember Tonks? Well what the books don’t say is that changing your shape could leave you as a puddle with no way to change back. You could be a Metamorphmagus, but there is a good chance you will kill yourself before you learn how to control it.” I was a bit flabbergasted, as the books in the study hadn’t mentioned that Metamorphmagus were a real thing, I said as much and he continued, “It’s rather dangerous, most who try, die, and it’s rare, perhaps you just don’t have the right books? But no matter, while I don’t have anyone available who could train you properly… I do have a solution for this problem.” at that point he went into the back and came out with this gleaming silver jewelry, “This, my boy, is something I’ve been holding on to, I like to call it, The Crest of the Mercurial Form. Hasn’t seen much use lately, but if I recall correctly, it will prevent you from taking on a form, accidentally or otherwise, you can’t survive or return from.” I’m so thank full to Billy and Mr Aberskinity, as not one weak later came down with the flu, and while I don’t remember my nightmares, I felt awful when I woke up, dragging myself to the bathroom I saw Mallory staring back at me from the mirror. It was weird, and while I ended up hiding in my room all day before working out how to be myself again, I’m terrified to imagine what could have happened had I not been wearing the Crest? I haven’t taken it off since.


Avery Quinn

Bremerton: A Study in Grey Lantalia