Bremerton: A Study in Grey

Pale Road

Emotionally and socially estranged form (human) friends and family, novice thaumaturge Daniel Nockley stumbles upon a silver path, extending through what should be a bank of shelves in a pawn shop. Stepping onto it, the young man finds himself in a world of dreams and nightmares made fearfully real – and terrifying difficult to navigate. With the full expanse of the Nevernever before him, will Daniel ever see home again?

While following a lead that may solve the mystery of his father’s disappearance, Theo Demopolous winds up unwittingly following the same silver path. Now there are TWO people trapped in the NeverNever!

Maria comes to the Gnome’s shop, looking to reclaim her bracelet, and sees the open door and road. Assuming something terrible has happened, she goes to the Gnome directly and demands he investigate, offering to help in exchange for her bracelet. He refuses, but pulls Daniel and Theo back from the Nevernever.



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