Clubhouse by Smokey’s Garage, off of Chico Way

Leader: Harold (Harry) Gunderson. (grey hair, vest covered in patches, knuckles covered in norse runes). Aspect: What’s yours is mine, what’s mine is mine.

Other bikers:

  • Eric Torvall (pink paratrooper patch, bald, VERY bad breath) Aspect: Who I eat in my home is my business.
  • Michael “Mikey” Shelton (buzzed air, short beard) Aspect: We don’t talk about the War.
  • Jake Carver (Heavy, arms covered in black ink) Aspect: I’ve made some mistakes along the way.
  • Stein Jacobs (beard) Aspect: I’m just here to take care of my family.
  • Karl Haroldson (facial scars) Aspect: I did what needed to be done.
  • Barnabus Marshall (proby, sorcerer, captured).
  • Broddi Alderson (deceased)

Common aspects:

  • Mind of a bear.
  • I can’t stand these guys, but I’ll kill for ’em.
  • We just need to do a little more to get our club out of this mess.
  • This isn’t angry. You don’t wanna see me angry.
  • Frenzy had better be worth it.


Bremerton: A Study in Grey pythonista