Bremerton: A Study in Grey

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Pale Road

Emotionally and socially estranged form (human) friends and family, novice thaumaturge Daniel Nockley stumbles upon a silver path, extending through what should be a bank of shelves in a pawn shop. Stepping onto it, the young man finds himself in a world of dreams and nightmares made fearfully real – and terrifying difficult to navigate. With the full expanse of the Nevernever before him, will Daniel ever see home again?

While following a lead that may solve the mystery of his father’s disappearance, Theo Demopolous winds up unwittingly following the same silver path. Now there are TWO people trapped in the NeverNever!

Maria comes to the Gnome’s shop, looking to reclaim her bracelet, and sees the open door and road. Assuming something terrible has happened, she goes to the Gnome directly and demands he investigate, offering to help in exchange for her bracelet. He refuses, but pulls Daniel and Theo back from the Nevernever.

Sister Fetch

When Mallory doesn’t come back from her date, Avery goes looking for her. But will he be able to rescue his sister when her date, beat up, near the rink with tales of Ogres and …

Maria offers to take Avery to David Morris, as she knows David has been looking for some other missing kids. She doesn’t know that David has already found Mallory, or that he’s looking for Avery next.

Strangely enough, Neffi had already been looking for the missing children and had been avoiding David and his people for this very reason. Still, when she realizes that David and Avery are looking for each other, she reluctantly makes introductions. It seems like all is well, except Mallory seems to yearn to go back to the forests outside Skateland. And while there wasn’t an ogre … what the halle was that thing?

Bringing the Band Together
  • Neph gets a special request from the local ghouls.
  • Daniel is given a task
  • Theo spots a bloke in a red hat.
  • Making trouble at the ferry dock.
Poking at the darkness
  • Angela Zimmerman’s Apartment: Not what it should be.
  • Maybe we should go back to the old Sears building?
Showdown at Public Storage
  • Locking down the mordite.
  • Investigating the house.
  • Race to the storage locker.
  • Red Court Vampire goes “squish”.
We're off to see the drougr!
  • Assisting Charley K with a troublesome Draugen (on Anderson rock in Ostrich Bay).
  • Nefertiri finds the key.
  • Locking down Nefertiri’s home.
  • A little divination goes a long way.
Ghouls like Kids


  • Messenger Spectre showed up from the Guardian at the Gates. Throwing rocks at Theo’s house
  • Research was done on the guardian, Bablyon and the ghoul city
  • Vivienne observed a well dressed business ghoul hunting through bookstores with two thugs
  • The guardian is the highest position in a rosecrution/egyption cross cult
  • Three of Maria’s kids were accosted by ghouls.
  • Maria got attacked by a feral Ghouls, drove it off with faith and was patched up by Avery Quinn
  • Communicated via enchanted cell phone with the guardian.
A place in the Sun
  • Negotiations with the business ghoul from XN (ghoul management via education and job placement?)
  • Caught dispatch for a code 7xg on the police scanner
  • Used the key in Nefertiri bathroom door to go to the City
  • Met by the messenger s Spectre, taken past the Ziggeraut to the Guardian at the Gates’s beachhead
  • Guardian is at war with the Ghouls, as a whole, whether they know it or not
  • Guardian wants an aprentice and would consider a warden for the position after the war
  • Guardian has been summoning things that Theo Demopoulos describes as ghost kelp (probably necromancy)
  • After long negotiation, extracted an oath from the Guardian and gave her the key.
  • Vivienne went off to do something withCharley K, doesn’t want non council help
Four Lost

Maria is contacted by Constance Black whose daughter, Hope, has gone missing, the names of three of her delinquent friends are provided, Alston, Allison and Janice.
Daniel s confronted by Breena, whose nephew is missing. She will rip the Gnome’s territory apart looking for him if he is not located and returned in two days.
Avery notes that Alston is likely the missing changeling and discovers that all four are missing.
Allison and Janice, frequented Bud’s Roadhouse, a local Were bar.
Some of Allison’s hair is retrieved and the now assembled party tracks it’s owner to a well shielded house where Allison and Janice’s trails were lost.
Some foolishness and violence later, and the cremated remains of Allison and Janice are located in little sealed boxs in a hidden basement of the house. Janice’s ghost joins us, and after a protracted battle, a pair of unconscious renfields are the basis for tracking down their creator.
The trail ends at the block of the house Skavis mansion, which lights up the Sight with the strength of it’s wards.
Returning to Avery’s, plans are hatched, a young ghost is given sanctuary and an excessively overpowered tracking spell on some of Hope’s hair points right back to Skavis land.

Constance Black – Wheelchair bound Gulf war vet, former Marine
Mrs Skavis – Jaded highschool councilor?
Breena – Petty Sylph ascended to the position of Shidh, politically powerful
Hope Black – Nephalim, 16 year old, rebelious high school sophomore
Alston – Freshmen, fashionable, skiny light build, probably our wayward changeling
Janice – Sophmore, punk, brawler, suspended, shifter
Allison – Sophmore, heavy set, muscular, got teased a lot, shifter


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