The Silver Needle

Daniel Nockley's signature focus


Offensive spirit focus, +2 power, +2 control. (4 focus slots) (This is the arcane equivalent of a dainty howitzer.)

Subject of aspect, “Treason pays in silver.”

Though a spirit focus, the wand shows no affinity for “hard” spirit magic, such as force effects. Its power is in “soft” effects, such as weaving illusions and obliterating minds. Of course, this may be a feature of the owner, more than the focus.

This is an antique silver wand about the size of a knitting needle. The “grip” end is only an inch or so long, wrapped in knotted leather easily grasped with the fingertips; the wand is apparently wielded like a conductor’s baton. Above the grip, the Needle widens into a bladelike configuration, 1 cm wide at the base, tapering steadily for nine inches to a cat-claw sharp point. Though it does look something like a dagger, it lacks a cutting edge.

The metal bears a fine etched pattern that resembles twining, thorn-studded vines— symbolic representations of the more literal ones that entangle the spiritual reflection of its owner.

Daniel normally carries it in a wrist sheath along his left forearm.


Daniel did not make this focus: it was given to him by The Gnome as a reward for acquiring an amulet the little power-broker coveted by betraying his own family.

Its history and nature is otherwise unknown, but is unlikely to be any warmer or fuzzier than the Needle itself.

The Silver Needle

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