Angela Zimmerman

former grad student from UW

  • “She had a really hard time with experiments”
  • “I think she was taking a little too much LSD
  • “Emergent properties of quantum foam in an expectation-rich environment.”

Two senior wardens on the case – but they’ve learned from recent fuck-ups. Made sure to get not just notes and print-outs, but any thumb drives and computers found on site were destroyed.

Remaining back-ups, missed by Wardens:

  • Google Docs of her earlier notes. Password: Fluffy#37Zebra
  • Cell phone still logged in to her account, red winter coat in ferry deck Lost & Found
  • A copy she was trying to get “peer reviewed” by a friend, Jason Rice. – in a storage locker north of town.


  • Partial chess set: red knight and three pawns (Steve)
  • Framed black-and white picture of a red winter coat on the floor of the ferry passenger terminal (Stephanie)
  • A dark red rubber bat (like a rubber duck) with the name “Angela Zimmerman 23810 B Kitsap Way 691-6154” (Marci’s character)
  • “Psychic Detective vs. The Ape-Demons of Dallas” by Ernest Callaway (published 1968)

Red Court:
1 Knight Investigator: Ernest Callaway (Item reading)
3 Ghouls

  1. Arrive in town.
  2. Investigate Angela’s apartment.
  3. Student union building
  4. Ferry dock
  5. Doctor Howard Giball’s house
  6. Jason Rice’s apartment
  7. Storage locker

Angela Zimmerman

Bremerton: A Study in Grey pythonista