High Concept: Willful Faerie Dragon
Trouble: Bound Guardian of the Changelings of Bremerton
Other: Lady Brena’s tool;
Auto-evolution, it’s not just for AIs anymore;
Nephratiti’s Student;
Avery Quinn is my Mom;
Good Pranks are Tasty;

-1 Stunt: Debt Ally
-4 Seelie Magic (+4 Seelie Control)
-1 Beast Change: Faerie Dragon
-6 *Modular Abilities
+2 *Human Form: Elemental patterned, Biomancy Derived Draconic Forms (complexity 2 per refresh shifted)

Modular Abilities notes
Protection: -1 Inhuman Toughness, Inhuman Recovery, The Catch: Cold Iron
ProtectionMR: -3 Mythic Recover, The Catch: Cold Iron
ProtectionMT: -3 Mythic Toughness, The Catch: Cold Iron
Air: Wings, Inhuman Speed, Protection
Earth: Claws, Inhuman Strength, Protection
Fire: Claws, Venom, Protection
Spirit: ProtectionMR, Cloak of Shadows
Water: Inhuman Speed, Aquatic, Protection

Human Adolescent
Superb 5 Discipline, Conviction
Great 4 Lore, Investigation
Good 3 Contacts, Scholarship
Fair 2 Presence, Endurance, Empathy
Average 1 Presence, Rapport, Intimidation, Survival, Stealth

Faerie Dragon
Superb 5 Fists, Endurance
Great 4 Athletics, Alertness
Good 3 Might, Discipline
Fair 2 Conviction, Lore, Survival
Average 1 Presence, Empathy, Intimidation, Investigation, Stealth


Alfward’s first sapient experiences occurred sometime on May 1st of 2010, when he found himself waking up after an experiment that had, apparently, failed. Fortunately, or not, he awoke with the memories of Avery Quinn, and in fact, had no reason, at the time, to bellieve he was not Avery Quinn.
Perhaps he started existence as non sentient spirit drifting about that got lodged in Avery’s empty body after the experiment; perhaps he was a minor sprite dragged in by the ill advised auto-summoning; perhaps he was created ex nihilo in Avery’s attempt to create a shadow clone. Whatever his true origin, at that moment, he assumed Avery’s life and responsibilities. It wasn’t until later that he discovered he had been ‘successful’ in copying his mind-state into the oracular array that be the original Avery’s unintended home for the next two years.
Over those two years the unwitting faux Avery grew in strength and spirit, embarking on many adventures, including the rescue of a changeling, the nephew of the Sidhe Lady Brena. Finding an affinity for the changelings and the denizen’s of Summer that the original lacked, he eventually contracted with Lady Brena for admittance into Summer in exchange for service in the form of a purpose, to be enacted if he felt he was in danger of slipping down the slope from the high standard he held himself to.
In time, he did in fact stray, accidentally bringing about the death of one he was trying to capture, who, while willingly demon possessed, was still likely mortal. Confronted with temptations and fearing his control wavering, he consumed Brena’s token, enacting the contract and actualizing his Choice. Metaphysically, it is that moment that the spirit egg created those two years past, was fertilized with Brena’s seed of power. Over the course of the next three months, Alfward came to realize that he was not Avery, that he had never truly been Avery, and that while he had provided Avery a service in keeping his mind, body and soul alive, albeit separated, that he owed his mother a debt. Remarkably, as this realization was occurring, the tools to repay that debt came into his possession.
In a rite enacted on Beltane of the year 2012, Alfward was finally born and Avery Quinn was restored to his body.

Alfward now serves as Lady Brena’s hand in Bremerton, keeping the changelings safe from the many predators as well as from the stagnation of boredom. He misses his friend, Vivi, and sometimes wonders if his, perhaps unintended, pranks were worth the pain of betrayal visible in her eyes.


Bremerton: A Study in Grey Lantalia