Bremerton: A Study in Grey


Fast-forward to late January, 8 ASF

Notable events in the interval:

  • David Morris: is trying to take advantage of this “opening” to keep drug delers from re-establishing in Bremerton. Stepping up patrols of known drug-dealing locations, watching for grow houses, midnight prayer sessions at the rink, mall, and movie theatre parking lots. Accountability pledges. He wants at least one person from the church in every soup kitchen and shelter in the city. The Church of the Living Christ is taking on a more pronounced two-tier structure, with an outer “lay ministry” highly visible and active in the community and “Nazirites” who carry on the “spiritual warfare”
  • Halloween: toy store is overtaken by possessed, knife-wielding sock monkeys. Easily dealt with, but worrying details came up in the investigation: there are small summoning circles all over the store, as if the sock monkeys themselves were summoning the demons to possess other sock moneys.
  • Winter Solstice: A few days before Christmas, it becomes clear that a significant chunk of Bremerton’s homeless youth population. With a little investigation, it becomes clear that the Winter Lady blustered through, forcing many changelings to Choose.



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