Bremerton: A Study in Grey

Four Lost Conclusion

Avery Quinn fills in Nefertiri and Vivienne on the investigation to date, and discovers that Daniel Nockley went to talk to the Skavis on his own, and is now overdue. Consultation with the Gnome on his wayward asset leads to a visit to the Skavis mansion and a, happily, civil conversation. The kidnappers had sought protection from the Skavis and been refused, the grabbed Danial and headed out in a u-haul. Maria calls in a favor to track down the truck while Avery breaks out one of Daniel’s hairs, stashed for just such an emergency, and tracks hid friend down with one last locator. Both paths converge on a house. Battle ensues, one kidnapper blows himself and the house up, Avery puts a jagged bottle in another’s brain and Vivi forces one to surrender. Breena’s nephew, Hope and Daniel are recovered, mostly unharmed, and returned. Significant cleanup ensues.

Avery discovers that two bodies left in the Nevernever have been removed by shoe wearing creatures of tiny stature.



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