Bremerton: A Study in Grey

Four Lost

Maria is contacted by Constance Black whose daughter, Hope, has gone missing, the names of three of her delinquent friends are provided, Alston, Allison and Janice.
Daniel s confronted by Breena, whose nephew is missing. She will rip the Gnome’s territory apart looking for him if he is not located and returned in two days.
Avery notes that Alston is likely the missing changeling and discovers that all four are missing.
Allison and Janice, frequented Bud’s Roadhouse, a local Were bar.
Some of Allison’s hair is retrieved and the now assembled party tracks it’s owner to a well shielded house where Allison and Janice’s trails were lost.
Some foolishness and violence later, and the cremated remains of Allison and Janice are located in little sealed boxs in a hidden basement of the house. Janice’s ghost joins us, and after a protracted battle, a pair of unconscious renfields are the basis for tracking down their creator.
The trail ends at the block of the house Skavis mansion, which lights up the Sight with the strength of it’s wards.
Returning to Avery’s, plans are hatched, a young ghost is given sanctuary and an excessively overpowered tracking spell on some of Hope’s hair points right back to Skavis land.

Constance Black – Wheelchair bound Gulf war vet, former Marine
Mrs Skavis – Jaded highschool councilor?
Breena – Petty Sylph ascended to the position of Shidh, politically powerful
Hope Black – Nephalim, 16 year old, rebelious high school sophomore
Alston – Freshmen, fashionable, skiny light build, probably our wayward changeling
Janice – Sophmore, punk, brawler, suspended, shifter
Allison – Sophmore, heavy set, muscular, got teased a lot, shifter



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