Bremerton: A Study in Grey

A place in the Sun

  • Negotiations with the business ghoul from XN (ghoul management via education and job placement?)
  • Caught dispatch for a code 7xg on the police scanner
  • Used the key in Nefertiri bathroom door to go to the City
  • Met by the messenger s Spectre, taken past the Ziggeraut to the Guardian at the Gates’s beachhead
  • Guardian is at war with the Ghouls, as a whole, whether they know it or not
  • Guardian wants an aprentice and would consider a warden for the position after the war
  • Guardian has been summoning things that Theo Demopoulos describes as ghost kelp (probably necromancy)
  • After long negotiation, extracted an oath from the Guardian and gave her the key.
  • Vivienne went off to do something withCharley K, doesn’t want non council help



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