Bremerton: A Study in Grey

A letter late in coming

Dear Danial,

About two years ago, shortly after the public storage incident, I was working on a spell, the working name at the time was Kage-Bunshin or “Shadow Clone”. Specifically I was working on the mental re-integration portion of it, when things got a bit out of hand and I apparently got myself bottled in the Oracular array I was using to capture and store clone experiences. So others can learn from my mistakes, don’t try auto-summoning.

While in the array, there was an inescapable sense of time passing, but the next clear experience was of looking up at my body while there was this screeching babble all around, and then floating up into the sky, looking out over the city. That continued for a week or two, and then things started to get fragmented. There were flashes of things, it was like looking at something with the sight but buffered somehow. There were long uninterrupted spans of floating over Bremerton that I can’t get in a working order. There was one horrible day, where things went all spinney, with so many images of this horrible ritual and dead sea creatures everywhere. After that, things calmed down, there was still a chronology problem with some of the views, but there were less of them. Eventually the flashes stopped coming, and it was just time passing.

Start of may I wake up, in my body, in a bed, and I can actually move! There is this note sitting on my chest, addressed to me, but it opens up with “Welcome back Mom!” It goes on at length, someone has apparently been keeping my life going in the interim, but it closes with “I finally worked out who I am, thanks for taking care of me, Love Al”

I’ve since met this Al, or Chuckles. Good kid, but damned if I can follow him, oh, and he’s a bloody dragon, we don’t really get along but, family divinations seem to agree that he’s mine so, I’m glad he’s got his own support structure in place; I’m still figuring out how to take care of my self again, I don’t think I could deal with taking care of a kid right now. Especially not with all the responsibilities I’ve apparently been saddled with, I mean really, who thought it was a good idea to put me on the OC board, never mind the network of organizations I apparently have effective control over. Sorry it’s taken so long to get in touch, I’ve spent the past month and change getting re-acclimated to being able to move, feel and talk, along with trying to get my business affairs into some arrangement that I can actually manage.

What has been going on these past two years, when I ask Chuckles, he breaks down into a fit of laughter and hugs me. Or goes off on this wild babble, it’s getting a bit troublesome. Anything I need to know about?

I’ll be back in Bremerton as soon as I get things into a stable condition here in New York. You can reach me at nnn-nnn-nnnn if there is something urgent.

Avery Quinn



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